buck buck noun 1. (informal) a US, Australian or New Zealand dollar; a South African rand ; an Indian rupee • (一)美元;(一)澳元;(一)新西兰元;(一)南非兰特;(一)印度卢比:
»They cost ten bucks.
»Weˈre talking big bucks (= a lot of money) here.
2. a male deer , hare or rabbit (also called a buck rabbit) • 雄鹿;公兔 --› compare doe , hart , stag 3. (SAfrE) a deer , whether male or female • 鹿(不论雌雄):
»a herd of buck
4. (old-fashioned, informal) a young man • 小伙子 5. the buck [sing.] used in some expressions to refer to the responsibility or blame for sth • (用于某些表达方式)责任,过失:
»It was my decision. The buck stops here (= nobody else can be blamed).
»I was tempted to pass the buck (= make sb else responsible).
【ORIGIN】From buck, an object which in a poker game is placed in front of the player whose turn it is to deal. • 源自 buck (培克),扑克牌游戏中的庄家标志。 【IDIOMS】 make a fast / quick buck •(informal, often disapproving) to earn money quickly and easily • 轻易地赚钱 --› more at bang n., million verb 1. [V] (of a horse 马) to jump with the two back feet or all four feet off the ground • 尥起后蹄跳跃;弓背四蹄跳起 2. [V] to move up and down suddenly or in a way that is not controlled • 猛然震荡;猛烈颠簸:
»The boat bucked and heaved beneath them.
3. [VN] (informal) to resist or oppose sth • 抵制;反抗:
»One or two companies have managed to buck the trend of the recession.
»He admired her willingness to buck the system (= oppose authority or rules).
buck your iˈdeas up (BrE, informal) • to start behaving in a more acceptable way, so that work gets done better, etc. • 振作起来 【PHR V】 ˌbuck ˈup (informal) 1. (often in orders 常用于命令) to become more cheerful • 振作 【SYN】 cheer up :
»Buck up, kid! Itˈs not the end of the game.
2. buck up! (old-fashioned) used to tell sb to hurry • 快点;赶快 【SYN】 hurry up ˌbuck sb ˈup (BrE, informal) • to make sb more cheerful • 使某人振作, cheer up :
»The good news bucked us all up.
* * *
n. <美口> 元, 雄鹿, 公羊, 公兔
v. (馬等)突然一躍(將騎手摔下)

English-Chinese dictionary. 2013.

(of the deer, sheep, goat, rabbit, and hare) / , , , , , , , / , ,

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